After Betrayal: Former Members Of Betrayal Working On New Material!

Since meeting former vocalist of thrash metal band Betrayal, Chris Ackerman, last year in 2022, his involvement with the current metal scene has grown throughout the passing year, in writing a few articles in the magazine based on his time with the band and sharing memories of that time in his life.

While working as a youth pastor at his local church in Apple Valley, California, as well as being a professional graphic designer, a speedway announcer, and a professional motivational speaker in his local community, Chris has also found time for offering his vocal services to German thrash metal band Adorned Graves and also to the latest album of fellow Californian extreme metal band Mangled Carpenter’s Salvation Syndrome, featuring on the single “A Path To Sorrow”.

Over the course of these last twelve months, other former members of Betrayal, guitarist Bob McCue and recently bassist Jeff Lain have met up with Chris and have formed their latest project After Betrayal, which to our understanding will continue where the band had left off many years ago after their initial disbanding in 1994.

We are looking forward to things to come.

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