Biogenesis: Final Album Artwork Revealed

It’s been quite a ride for Dayton, Ohio-based progressive power metal band Biogenesis, as their journey has been well documented especially throughout the last few years, with long-time members departing from the group in late 2019.

Since their humble beginnings back in 1996 and their debut full length The Mark Bleeds Through (2001) through former label, Australia’s Rowe Productions, a huge supporter of faith-based metal, sadly now defunct. Yet he band, headed by founding member and vocalist Chaz Bond, has faithfully moved forward with the project, year after year, with their most recent album release being Rise Of The Phoenix in 2021 on Retroactive Records.

Chaz has recently been open with his feelings and thoughts towards his band, that has just reached its 27th year of existence. He feels that this project, which he has put much time and energy into (aside from his ten-year stint with fellow Columbus, Ohio power metal band Jacobs Dream), that his vision for the future of Biogenesis will come to a close after the release of their soon-to-be final album Hells Carnival.

The artwork of this final release is created by growing popular artist Rafael Tavares, who has worked with other well-known artists and bands including Les Carlsen, AfterWinter and Deny The Fallen. There is no news as of yet when this closing chapter and end will come, however we are certainly looking forward to the outcome of his story with Biogenesis, and may it bless many others in the process.

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