Extol: Re-Sign To Solid State Records

Well, the inevitable has occurred. The Norwegian progressive death metal band Extol, ten years since their last self-titled album through Facedown Records, have officially announced their re-signing to former label Solid State Records, which have always been a force for the elevation into the mainstream, of heavy music bands that hold Christian values.

They will be releasing two new songs tomorrow on Thursday the 12th of October, “Labyrinth Of ILL” and “Exigency“, which will be their first released material with Solid State since their Synergy album back in 2003.

Due to being a fan of this band since their humble beginnings through the release Northern Lights / Norwegian Metal Compilation in 1996, through Australia’s own Rowe Productions, I’m actually excited to hear what is to come, and of course looking forwards to a potential American tour.



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