Deliverance: Working On New Material

There were many of us that had the chance to catch progressive metal band Deliverance at part one of this year’s Immortal Fest at the BMI Centre, in Versailles, Ohio back in July, 2023. The energy was high and the spectacle of the event reached another level for both members and fans alike.

Since their latest release in 2018 entitled The Subversive Kind that brought the slogan “Thrash is BACK” the group have been relatively quiet as frontman and mastermind Jimmy Brown had been solely focused on his solo offerings as well as his other project, Eraserhead.

As time slowly ticked by, the group had played shows in Scotland and Germany, and a single Southern California gig in early 2019, yet many fans in their homeland of the United States wondered if they would ever see the likes of Deliverance performing again on a larger scale on their home soil. Then Immortal Fest Part One came along, as a bit of a surprise blessing.

Long-time drummer Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, The Blamed) has since revealed that Deliverance are currently working on brand new material, and all of their fans are sincerely hoping that the thrash is back for good.

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