Deny The Fallen: Echo Chamber Album Review

Photography By Chad Fenner

Deny the Fallen reunites Jonathan Johnson and Rey Parra from the ’80s/’90s-era mega-band
Sacred Warrior. Their initial appearance on the scene came with the 2018 release of
Symptoms of Eternity, but now they are back with a passion with the release of Echo

I was a huge Sacred Warrior fan back in the day, and while I can hear some of that in Rey’s
vocals, this is NOT Sacred Warrior. Echo Chamber is not rehashed and repackaged ’80s
music. This is fresh, modern, often dramatic, sometimes symphonic, yet still very metal
musically. Rey’s vocals are strong as ever, and stunning, and Jon’s guitars are impeccable. The
songs are new and fresh but clearly that of seasoned musicians.

The album has six original songs (one of which is instrumental), plus a couple of bonus covers
of Stryper and King’s X. While I was never a huge fan of “Sing Along Song,” Deny the Fallen
does it justice. With “Mission” they do an excellent job of maintaining the King’s X feel, but
fusing it with their own style. I love King’s X, but few crooners can stand up to Rey’s vocals. He
does a fantastic job here.

The original songs are all strong contenders and should stand up well today:
The opening track – the title song, “Echo Chamber” – is very dramatic, moving, and haunting as
it warns us of the danger of living in an echo chamber.

Following up with “Live Again,” we hear about their commitment to living a life for the higher
calling and the costs associated with doing so.

“Eye of the Hurricane” pounds out a strong, high-energy beat musically with some amazing
guitar work, while lyrically communicating about our lives in the midst of the chaos around us.

“Point of No Return” slows down the tempo, but not the power musically, while asking if our
society – or even our own lives personally – has gone beyond the point of no turning back.

“If It Costs Me My Life” is another pounder with a strong beat and stronger guitars – and one of
the strongest lyrically – returning to the themes talked about in “Live Again” of the high costs of
living for Christ.

The album ends with a melodic instrumental that will leave you wanting more.

Chad Fenner – 8.5/10 The Metal Onslaught Magazine

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