Luteøks: Debut Record Ready To Fly

Norwegian black metal is probably the most renowned genre in the world of hard music. With its distinctive sounds and vocal deliveries, which is most commonly associated with the occult and pagan origins, black metal has certainly grown in leaps and bounds in popularity over the last 30 years, since it hit the mainstream in the early ’90s.

Luteøks is a black metal band that we haven’t really heard much about, since we last wrote about them a year ago. Consisting of members from Antestor and Grave Declaration, the group have now found a home at the ever popular Nordic Mission and are ready for pre-orders of their debut full length album Barely True Norwegian Black Metal.

The album will be released on the 10th of March and described by the label as:

A melodic and well played riff bonanza, a jubilee and probably the funniest black metal album you will hear this year. Luteøks is the rare breed of humor and black metal.

Barely True Norwegian Black Metal is a declaration of love to the scene, that also manages to illuminate comic aspects of the black arts.

This is definitely a band I want to hear and check out. Luteøks‘s sound is compared to Windir, Old Mans Child, Keep of Kalessin and Emperor.

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