The Brave: Undertaking A New Single To Launch 2023

The song “It’s Raining Men” from The Weather Girls comes to mind, with all the current new releases and announcements that are flooding the metal scene right now. A deluge of many new singles, EPs and full-lengths is definitely coming down and hitting us hard like torrential stormy rainfall.

Hard rock outfit The Brave just continue to dominate in their songwriting skills, recordings and their hard work ethic, which founding member Stayce Roberts did warn us about ever since before the release of their number one Evie’s Little Garden back in 2021.

Since then, the band have released three Christmas singles and their latest effort Gravedigger (2022), which again has been creating such positive feedback from listeners and critics alike.

And now The Brave have just announced that later this week, that a brand new single “The Undertaker” will be dropping upon us.

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