Then It Ends: New EP To Drop

There has been a few bands that formed during the year 2020, with the artists not sure how long the run of not being able to perform with their current projects would last, throughout a time that definitely lasted more than a year.

Metalcore outfit Then It Ends came onto the scene during that initial year of Covid, with members from former influential deathcore/metalcore local Iowa bands A Past Unknown and Dividing The Masses. In releasing their debut recording of that year entitled Restored, the group as described brought a nostalgic yet modern twist to metalcore as a means to spread a message of hope in a world for those who need it.

The band’s brand new EP Chasm through Flourish Records, is scheduled to be released on Thursday 01/05/23, which will include the title track of the same name, featuring Michael Felker of Convictions.

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