Deluxe Side Of Fight The Fade

We usually tend not to write much about rock bands as we like to keep it mainly hard rock, metal and punk-focused, however I do believe a slight shift in the matrix is at hand with us at the magazine, but in saying this our main focus will continue to be independent/non-mainstream artists.

Fight The Fade hailing from the Midwest have been fighting well since 2010. At this time they are signed to FiXT Music, which was founded by Circle Of Dust mastermind Klayton, also known as Celldweller, and currently based in Los Angeles, California.

With an ever-consistent growth of their fan base, plus two EPs, and four full-length albums later, the band are finishing 2022 strong with a deluxe release of their latest successful record APOPHYSITIS (2022).

The deluxe edition of the group’s latest album APOPHYSITIS will feature instrumentals, live tracks, an acoustic version of their single “Composure”, and also a brand new track entitled “Losing Time”. The expected release will be midnight tonight, 12/30/2022.

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