The Brave Of Immortal Fest

There has been much excitement stirring around Immortal Fest, with reforming bands of yesteryear either releasing new music or forming for a handful of shows.

When Californian hard rock band The Brave were at the height of their popularity during the early to mid 90s, the group endured a long hiatus, which since that time, has saw them return briefly in 2014 with a female vocalist and their album Rise, which never really satisfied the fans of old, then to again reform permanently in 2021 and to release their full length album Evie’s Little Garden, and the followed up by Gravedigger earlier this year.

The Brave have announced that they will be performing live at Immortal Fest, Versailles, Ohio at the BMI Event Center in September 2023, for the first time since to our knowledge, during the days of their album Trust back in 1994. The band will be playing along side Whitecross, X-Sinner, Sacred Warrior and Saint.

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