Cultist – A Brutal Look Into It!

I find that in more instances than I can count, the underground Christian Metal scene continues to overly impress me by delivering a hoard of unrelenting heaviness the likes of which in my humble opinion are unmatched by anything the world has to offer. So, when it comes to extreme music, Southern California-based band Cultist are no exception.

The brutality of their sound is at once harsh and beautiful, and the provoking views of their lyrical content are the premise for a near-perfect recipe of truly cultured talent that surpasses most in today’s modern scope of all that is worthy. Obviously, the band are not without controversy as even their name is unsettling and misunderstood by the vast majority of Christian circles.

After many months of trying to pin down a time to chat, I recently received the opportunity to speak with front man Jon Davenport regarding all things related to Cultist, including the band’s unorthodox name, their recent signing to Facedown Records, how they are coming under fire because a member of the band is wearing an inverted cross on his shirt in a photo circulating social media, the meaning, and confusion behind that image, as well as what the band adheres to at their very core and the hope they hold for their music and how it may reach their fans on a personal level and convey the gospel of Jesus Christ to them in a meaningful way. Friends, these guys are the real deal! Check it out!

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