Lines In The Dirt – Dispraised (Album Review)

All you punks out there…… I mean yes YOU!!! Rottweiler Records is as of late been signing many more extreme bands like never before. Still maintaining their current roster, Mythic Panda are doing their best since taking over from former Alpha dog Shawn Browning, there still is quite a number of punk bands in the mix, which was the whole purpose in the beginning of the labels life span.

Many bands that have signed with the label have only made a small generalized impact on the current scene over the years, which some have come and some have gone, but the spirit continues to remain strong within its resolve to get great music and bands out there in the overly saturated market of music.

Dispraised is one of those punk bands that has been steadily growing their popularity. Having never played live with some members even living continents apart (South Africa/USA), hasn’t stopped their passion to write punk music with a message that inspires.

Track Listing:

  1. No King but Christ 3:15
  2. Silent Voices 2:37
  3. Jab 2:08
  4. Social Disease 1:55
  5. Cyber Slave 2:10
  6. The Masses 1:54
  7. Set to Self Destruct 1:30
  8. Amongst the Swine 1:21

Dispraised are:

  • Donovan de Necker – guitar
  • Tom Mong – vocals
  • Justin Ram – drums

When first hearing their hit single Reapers Kiss last year from their debut EP Moral Rot, I wasn’t really overly impressed with what to expect. The EP itself never really seemed to grab me, with what I hoped would be a great release. It certainly was in your face punk rock, however for some reason, I felt it really didn’t hit the mark.

Almost a year later, the boys release their debut full length Lines In The Dirt, which honestly I was expecting a similar outcome to what I heard with Moral Rot. How wrong I was!!

No King but Christ creates the mold that you can expect throughout the record, fast paced punk rock and vocally keeping up with the music and on time, which I felt with their previous release that the music was moving a little faster than Tom could vocally handle. Layered shouts which is standard for punk, the quality stepped up its game in a big way.

As of when Silent Voices steps in like the little brother stepping on your toes. Recording quality dims slightly and more muffled, than its album starter. The high energy is there and with having more time playing together has improved the quality of this recording immensely. Their single Jab continues to roll of the dice for they are producing some great quality punk, there is no point repeating myself with the energy they keep on pushing forward.

I sort of gave up from here pull apart every single like I’m used too. Social Disease, Cyber Slave, The Masses, Set To Self Destruct and finishing with Amongst The Swine, are just like their previous counterparts, with sharing the same elements of what have been mentioned above, as their fast paced, in your face punk grappling in high energy and following the ways of the old school.

Christian Sullivan 9/10 – The Metal Onslaught Magazine

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