Relesser In-Between Worlds

If you haven’t heard of the label AD Windblown Media Records, then you are basically missing out. Founded as far back as 1999 and based in Indianapolis, IN, the label has become the prime resource for the resurgence of industrial metal and other technological musical formats.

With artists such as David Pataconi (Retro, Synthwave, Industrial), Angel Machine (Ethereal, Synth, Dance), Firebrand (Industrial Metal) and Relesser (Modern Rock-Electronica Hybrid), you’ll get a bit of an idea on what to expect for such a unique mix of genres.

Relesser is soon to release their brand new single “In-Between Worlds” on Friday 21st of October, which will be their follow up from their last song “Till The End Of Days” which dropped in May, 2022.

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