Introducing – Classic Disaster

The southern Californian scene, is somewhat quiet when it comes to the scene we knew back in the 80s and 90s, when Christian hard music bands were everywhere performing, touring, releasing new music the scene was thriving and people packed the venues in most major areas.

Its always cool to remember the days way back when, however this doesn’t do ourselves or anyone else for that matter any good to focus on these past events and achievements. As we look forward, especially when the closing of 2022 is making its presence known, this last year and a half has been showing signs of life across the hard music spectrum with bands such as Doulos, Cultist, Mohler, The Infirmities and now Classic Disaster, that are hitting the scene in a real and major way.

As 2023 surges ahead their are few more bands that I’ve neglected to mention, that will be joining the already established groups across SoCal, as the vision is to continually grow and accept the challenges that an expanding scene entails.

Classic Disaster is a metalcore band from Hacienda Heights, California, which was founded in 2020 during the Covid19 ordeal by vocalist and guitarist Adam Castro, and then later joined by Joshua Walker on guitar and Zach Lillemoen on drums and tracking.

I attended their very first live performance last night at longtime venue Angel City in Bellflower, CA and I was blown away on how good they really are. Currently in talks with Andrew Stanton from Disciple, for recording the bands first few songs the band have written.

As a ministry minded group, Classic Disaster’s main resolve is to continue to play live, to build their fan base and primarily share the hope they have for Jesus Christ in the metal world.

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