The Pack Grows Another

The thing about Rottweiler Records is that, they will sign whoever they please. I remember back in the days where, when metal was becoming big in the mainstream, that labels signed bands left, right and centre to chase after the growing genre known as heavy metal.

It’s been close to 40 years, when this kind of saturation began, however these days specific genre aimed labels do this more frequently, than just your average everyday label that mixes genres as a whole.

Rottweiler Records has just signed sludge/doom metal band Azell. The members consist of David and Courtney Napier. This project will be band number three to my knowledge, for they are best known for their other projects TIMŌRĀTUS and Color Crush. David Napier was also the former bassist for symphonic blackened death metal band Symphony Of Heaven.

Their new debut single Death Control has been released through their new venture on the labels Bandcamp store.

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