Betrayal- The Lost Tapes IV: Bellflower Baptist Church, November 20, 1992

Its come to that part of the week, when The Metal Onslaught Online Magazine present the lost tapes of Southern Californian thrash metal band Betrayal. As Chris Ackerman takes you through the history and insight of all of these recorded live shows.

We are now at the halfway point through these classic Betrayal videos that have not been seen by anyone outside of the band’s inner circle for over 30 years. This week’s video comes to you from the Bellflower Baptist Church in Bellflower, CA on November 20, 1992

Not a whole lot to add to the narrative of this, as we were still in the transition from Renaissance by Death to The Passing. Speaking with guitarist Bob McCue, the openers were Nicene Creed, Me Color Blind and The Terminal Generation, featuring ex-Betrayal members Matt Maners (RIP) and Brian Meuse. The Terminal Generation blew me away with their..umm “Musical Art” LOL! While watching this show I reminded how much Jeff Lain and I used to love to jump on each other and cause all sorts of mayhem between ourselves on stage. This set ends with a great version of “Fallen Deceived”. Once songs from “The Passing” started to take shape, this song was dropped from the set.

Bob McCue shared, “This was myself and Jeff Mason’s sixth show with the band, and it was a really good one. I remember telling Marcus it was a near perfect gig backstage afterwards.”

Too bad the video quality doesn’t reflect the playing of the band. The video quality is subpar at best, as these places had minimal lighting and this was filmed from the back of the hall. Hope you enjoy anyway, this would have made a great live album. 

Set list:

  • The Invitation
  • More Faith Than Me
  • Stroll Thru a Wicked Age
  • Strength of the Innocent
  • Escaping the Altar
  • Frantic
  • Assassins in the Midst
  • Fallen Deceived

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