NoLifeTilMetal Update #60 – With Scott Waters

For the first time on our magazine, we will be adding Scott Waters and his NoLifeTillMetal updates every time one is released. If anyone doesn’t know who Scott Waters is, he was the former vocalist for thrash metal band Ultimatum, Albuquerque, New Mexico which formed all the way back in 1992.

Scott is a label owner, metal music critic and artist. He has been involved with Bill Bafford (Roxx Records), Matthew Hunt (Retroactive) and Adam (Soundmass, UK & Australia) for many years and has been involved with many remastered releases.

The man himself is riddled with deep knowledge of all things metal. So, we find it appropriate to include his knowledge for you all, the ins and outs of metal music and the new releases that are on their way and available.

This episode includes: Madrost, Mortification, Ritual Servant, Fear Not, Gammacide and more…..

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