What Brings Ruin On The Verge Of Release

Black metal is a genre that either, you have to be a fan or you aren’t. With it’s known concept of poor quality sounds, and trebling shrieks that even to this day, you believe that they still haven’t worked out that, hey…….. you can create good and great quality black metal. Without taking away the element that makes the genre for what it is.

The mainstream successes of Emperor, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth has shown the world that you can evolve out of the early days when Mayhem was the poster boy of black metal, back in the late 80s, early 90s.

Even in the Christian music scene, Horde (Australia) has become like Mayhem as the force behind the direction that many Christian black or better known with the fans as unblack metal, that these bands have based their sound upon. This was due to their one and only release Hellig Usvart (1994), which in English is translated “Holy Unblack”, which was a play on the band Darkthrone and their slogan Unholy Black Metal.

What Brings Ruin (Russellville, Alabama), is in the process of finishing up their brand new EP Prophet’s Pilgrimage. The band is a solo project of longtime extreme metal artist Nocturnal Servant (Brainkrusher, Goatscorge, Mindgames, Proven Existence and Shekinah).

No time frame on when their newest release will be…….




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