British Band Confessions Of A Traitor Release Debut EP

Its quite funny, how I thought I first heard of this band only a few short months ago, as they signed with Californian based label Facedown Records. It wasn’t until I was deleting my Bandcamp stores from a previous label that I owned back in England a number of years ago. It was then, that I realized that I was promoting them back a decade ago, as an unknown band. It took me by surprise as well as stirred a bit of joy in my heart for these hard working lads.

Since, those days they have grown in leaps and bounds as the band have just released their debut EP Punishing Myself Before God Does this week, which features their hit singles “Punishing Myself Before God Does” and “Peacekeeper”.

Their brand new single “Lovecraft” hit all streaming services a couple of days ago, so be sure to support this band and the continual success of Facedown Records. Pre orders are available now until the initial September 16th release, for the bands upcoming LP.

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