Two Grave Robber Members Step Down

It was only yesterday that photos of the horror punk outfit Grave Robber were shared on their Facebook page alongside fellow touring horror punk band First Jason, featuring actor/front-man Ari Lehman, that was the iconic Jason Voorhees in the first film of Friday the 13th (1980).

However, today guitarist Jonny (Grimm) Burial and drummer Justin (Plague) Ram from Grave Robber, have announced their timely departure from the band and that would see their show at The Muse On Main, Fort Worth on the 4th of December, being their very last performance with the group.

The boys from The Jericho Harlot added to the announcement that with heavy hearts that they left the band, but there are definitely no ill feelings towards the other band members. It was seen as the timing was right and that a moment of relief that came upon them both, as they advance in their separate ways in this change of seasons to continue with their other projects The Jericho Harlot and Dispraised – of which the latter are ready to release their brand new single on December 17th through Rottweiler Records.

Grave Robber themselves have spoken out about the departure and have given nothing but love and their warmest wishes, which the band assures of no bad blood between them, Justin and Jonny, and that they wish them all the very best for their endeavors in the future.

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