The Coming Of The Flood

When it comes to announcements like these, you can’t help but just to get excited for future prospects, especially when it comes to metal bands or artists that you have liked since the first listen. When I first heard of the musicians Guy Ritter, Gary Lenaire and Eric Mendez, it was way back in the early ’90s when I was introduced to the metal band Tourniquet. Now, Tourniquet for me at that time or era of the band, was the most influential to myself and to quite a number of bands that formed in the early to late ’90s in which those particular musicians along with drummer Ted Kirkpatrick to create such memorable albums such as Stop The Bleeding (1990), Psycho Surgery (1991) and Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (1992).

With the departures of Ritter and Eric from the band and with Gary remaining until after the band’s Carry The Wounded EP, Gary and Guy formed the band Echo Hollow in 1996 and released two full-length albums: Diet of Worms (1998) and Superficial Intelligence (2004).

After 13 years of hiatus Gary extended his hand back into music creativity and has currently released two solo full-length albums, No Time Now (2017) and Symphonic Liberties (2020). It hasn’t been until recently in which Gary returned to his Christian faith after the release of his controversial book, An Infidel Manifesto: Why Sincere Believers Lose Faith (2006). I for one can relate as it took me 14 years to get back to my faith in Jesus, which sometimes can need a good length of time to happen.

It has been just announced via Michael Sweet of Stryper on YouTube that Guy Ritter (vocals) and Gary Lenaire (guitars, vocals) will be joined together with Erik Mendez (guitars), Anna Sentina (bass) and David Husvik (drums) as they bring an aggressive and melodic sound plus a timeless message with their brand new metal band Flood. Elements of old Tourniquet and Echo Hollow can be heard.

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