Symphony Of Heaven On Target

When it comes to hard work, both Rottweiler Records and Symphony Of Heaven are certainly not slouches. With the announcement of Brazilian old school death metal act Krig signing with the label and also the release of Frost Like Ashes‘ brand new EP earlier this month, plus fellow band Symphony Of Heaven have been busy releasing a small group of D45s such as Dead Winter Fields and Entropy via the label’s Bandcamp digital download site, since mid April 2021.

In saying all of this, Pathos and crew will be ready to release their brand new extreme metal mayhem Maniacal Entropik Discordium on the 10th of September, which their single “The Arch Of Time” and the song’s lyric video, is expected to be unleashed by the label on the 3rd of September.

Some recognizable faces appear in the music video below as part of the filming looks like it has taken place at Kingdom Come Festival (Indiana) that we attended in the Capstone tent. We like most are looking forward to this release.

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