War Of Ages Launch Into 2021

It has been a tough road for many as the world starts to open up after 18 months of no live music. Yes, there have been small pockets of performances and the odd music festival that has entertained the certain few that were willing to congregate and make the trip to the venue, like I did with Kingdom Come Festival this mid June.

A majority of big name bands have still been remaining quiet on the live music side of the spectrum, however a few have been very busy either releasing new material or remaining active in many ways, keeping the public eye on them throughout this time, which encourages the state of the music business to continue to be relevant under todays current and trying climate.

War Of Ages even though have remained quiet since the pandemic, the band through Facedown Records have been keeping us guessing over the last few months with small and rare updates concerning new material, and while in the studio working on their follow up album to Void (2019), the band have just revealed and released their brand new single “No Alters”.



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