Second Music Video Emerges For The Brave

You know something, many many years ago, well back in 1992 when I was 15 years of age, I came across a CD in my local city Word Bookstore, in Perth, Western Australia. I was selecting my birthday gifts and picked up a copy of Battle Cries from Californian hard rock band The Brave.

Even though that day I purchased over 10 CDs, that particular album in itself from the band really stuck out to me in so many ways. With the talents, the structures and buoyancy of musicianship that was strongly crafted with clever and insightful song writing, which is in my opinion foreign today in much modern mainstream music. Even when their 1994 release Trust came out later, they still in themselves were carrying a spark that can be felt and heard in both albums.

Now move on to 2021, almost 30 years since their debut release through Pakaderm Records. The band are releasing their first originally written full-length called Evie’s Little Garden, featuring Stayce Roberts – vocals, keys and guitars, Malcolm Paris – bass guitar, and John Spittle – drums. The album also features Grammy-Award winning engineerĀ JR McNeely to mix the project and also former guitarist Freddie Tierra appears on a few songs, as he was a main part of the band back in the glory days with their humble beginnings back in 1991 in Lancaster, California.

Evie’s Little Garden will be released on 07/27/2021 in CD, vinyl and download format, and pre-orders can be made directly to the band on The album will also be available on all streaming services.

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