New Stryper Album In Writing Stages

Well, what can we say then, to all you metalheads and Stryper fans? We all marvel at the longevity of any band really in this day and age, however especially in our metal scene, where many of us have seen quite a multitude of bands in their ’80s heydays reform, release new albums and tour like they have never been on any break or hiatus.

Some naysayers can also speculate that after so many years, or that over a number of decades of performing, that artists and bands could become stale towards their approach as musicians and as songwriters. In which in some aspects they would be correct in that assumption. But Stryper on the other hand, are a whole new kettle of fish.

Ever since reforming in 2003 after a 10 year hiatus, the band have not only been in the limelight with the departure of long time bassist Timothy Gaines, the arrival of Perry Richardson and guitarist Oz Fox with his medical trials, the band has come up against all odds and built such strength both as men personally and within their albums, songwriting and performances. It’s quite incredible, that on each and every album that the band produces, it grows 100 fold from their last effort to the next.

Even though their latest full-length was released last September with Even The Devil Believes, Michael Sweet has announced via social media that the band plan to hit the studio in January 2022 for their brand new album, which is currently in writing stages. Also in the post Michael explains the strengths and resolve that the band of brothers have maintained throughout their almost 40-year career.

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