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Shadows of Paragon The Metal Onslaught

Shadows of Paragon is a Swedish black metal band with a sound that runs right through your veins as the blood itself. The influence of the pioneering black metal bands is notable indeed, but they drew completely our attention by their own creative compositions, keeping up with well known Swedish black metal acts like Marduk. Shadows of Paragon are a “mic drop” among others of their genre.

In 2004 the band released their first EP entitled “Shadows Of Paragon”, consisting of 5 tracks. This EP reminds us, how did the sound feel of the primitive Swedish black metal of the ’90s with the addition of keyboards.

Long story short, in 2009 the band showed all the power of their artillery and released their mighty first full length entitled: Through The Valley Within. The 13 “paragonical tracks” were recorded and produced by the dream-team of Fredman Studios: Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, Zyklon) and Henrik Udd (Septic Flesh, Old Man’s Child) were in charge of mixing. The mastering was handled by Peter In de Betou (Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy). This Opus Magna suggests an absolute dedication to their own art and their audience, which is already international. The band played in venues in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland and Mexico.

Recently in 2021, the band announced the release and pre-order of their newest production: Amendment, which appears after almost twelve years of hard long wait. The band brings to life another state-of-the-art album. The whole production was run by Svartskog Productions, produced by Zharlie and Fredrik.

Album’s line-up :

Zharlie (bass)
Fredrik (keyboards)
Linus (guitars)
Arvid Borg (drums)
David Rönnlund (A.K.A Veracious on vocals).

I must say from what is known so far, the tracks “Your New Identity” and “Amendment of the Heart” presented during December 2020 and February 2021, sound mighty, flawless, and worthy of being regarded as a great Swedish melodic black metal production, made in Studio Svartskog, Sweden.

What can we expect from this new production? Let’s see what Zharlie tells us in the video below, including the details of the pre-order package.

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