New Superunknown EP Drops Friday

Metal bands from India don’t really get much of a plug these days, I’m not really too sure why that is to be honest, because there are some really good bands out there with the likes of Kryptos, Inner Sanctum, Final Surrender and R.A.I.D.

Doing some research has found that even with a population of a whopping 1.38 billion people, I still am quite stunned that nothing is really mentioned. One man, who is constantly trying to change that is R.A.I.D. vocalist Rueban Issac, joined with his brother Yohan Issac to form the band Superunknown.

With session drummer Shawn Jacob the band are about to release their brand new EP Transcendence through current label Rottweiler Records on Bandcamp and streaming portals everywhere, where whose activity has been somewhat constant over the last few months. Superunknown are described as mixing such styles as grunge and alternative metal, which I assume most would fit into the nĂ¼-metal category.

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