The Ascension Of Extinction – Symphony Of Heaven (Album Review)

With many independent bands and artists, we constantly see that they seem to have minimal life spans that usually average around 5 years, which may seem like a long time when it comes to smaller unknown bands, however some of that time even though we may think that it’s time wasted, we do see glimpses of genius that comes out of the independent music industry.

Symphony Of Heaven may have only been in the publics eye since it’s conception in 2017 with founding solo member Logan Thompson, who released their first single which was an instrumental called “Anno Domini earlier that year, followed by their first single with vocals “Stratagem” which featured on their first EP “Of Scars And Soil”.

Later that year the solo project was signed by sister label Nosral Recordings to their main label Rottweiler Records, which released their debut album “The Season Of Death” which showcased some relative success.

Rottweiler Records is the kind of label that really takes the bull by the horns, especially with the talent they keep adding to their roster. The label signed the band late December of 2019, and on New Years Day 2020 the band announced their signing, followed by their single “You Shall Be As Gods” which was featured on their brand new E.P. with fellow new band members Mason Beard (Drums), Eero Tertsunen (Renascent & Jernlov) on guitars, David Napier (Timoratus) on bass duties, that are led with Logan’s new moniker Pathos, within the newest chapter of the band.

The Ascending Of Extinction was released in September 2020, featuring a 4 song EP with their top singles “You Shall Be As Gods” and “Death March”, which have shown the growth of the band since becoming a quartet.

“You Shall Be As Gods” kicks off the EP, with a brand new polished black metal sound that can be recognized by the crushing beats, fast paced guitar work and with a melodic presence that creates such a profound overall structure that I feel some black metal bands lack in comparison, the term progression seems to fit into that category.

The next song is titled track “The Ascension Of Extinction” which, falls into the realms of Dimmu Borgir, where fans can experience the muffled shrieks‘ in the beginning of this passage of play, with such a tight display of power, energy and production, which transpires into in-depth lick changes and directional outlays that gives the track an experience that you’ll never forget.

“Death March” displays the more symphonic displays of black metal, which I have always been a huge fan since 1998, with other bands likened to Cradle Of Filth and the already mentioned Dimmu Borgir. The single aims at the darker scale of black metal, with a increased uses of the mold that creates the ambient horizon with melodic and atmospheric plains, as the band stick true to the elements of the genre.

Last on the bill is “Mountain Of Man’s Ignorance” is more of an upbeat thrash driven track that fits in perfectly with the already established creative sparks, guitar strengths with intense accuracy and their ever natural flow across the board that makes a fine mixture of more melodic black and traditional metal as a structure that withstands, without falling into obscurity.


  • You Shall Be As Gods
  • The Ascension Of Extinction
  • Death March
  • Mountain Of Man’s Ignorance

Overall a fantastic piece of work done by Pathos and the band, with such a great blend of current black metal and we certainly can’t wait for the brand new album in the works.

Christian Sullivan 10/10 – The Metal Onslaught

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