New Material In The Works

Rottweiler Records has been probably one of the most active labels across the planet right now. Especially with the likes of upcoming metal bands Brotality (USA) and Superunknown (India).

Symphony Of Heaven are also one of those bands who just keep delivering throughout their current short four-year career with mastermind Logan Thompson at the helm joined by Mason Beard on drums, David Napier on bass and Eero Tertsunen on guitar duties.

The short history of the band is that in 2017, Logan began his solo project Symphony Of Heaven focused on a blackened death metal element that was seemingly being the direction that many bands were creating at this point throughout the genre, with the deathcore scene still being a force and bands such as Death Requisite and Impending Doom turning heads within the ever-growing current culture. Since featuring on The Bearded Dragon Productions compilation in the same year of 2017, they found themselves shortly thereafter signed to the now defunct Nosral Recordings headed by Michael Larson from Frost Like Ashes releasing their debut album Seasons Of Death.

Since 2019, the project has since left Nosral Recordings due to the demise of the label, with parent company Rottweiler Records taking over label duties, which also saw a steep incline in popularity among metal enthusiasts.

The band are currenting writing new material to follow up to their previous EP The Ascension of Extinction which was released also in 2020 with their hit single “You Shall Be As Gods” earlier this year, as expected with the growth of the band.

They are currently working on a new untitled album scheduled for 2021, and with at least seven tracks in recording, this shall be a treat for those who are ready to listen to the next chapter of the band.

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