Bristol’s Best Kept Secret Revealed

Over the many years of being into metal (32 years in fact) that I’ve heard a glut of bands and solo projects from all genres and subgenres, and if I had a penny for every band or song I have heard I would be a billionaire. You do then however start to appreciate the art form and the time taken with practice and patience that is endured to create individuality in one’s own right as an artist, especially in the family of the metal genre.

England has introduced to us quite a number of bands throughout the years with Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Venom and Judas Priest, which paved the way for many branches of the genre to keep gaining momentum throughout these past few decades.

Bristol, United Kingdom has become a talent pool for artists and bands alike with names such as the metal bands Onslaught and Jaguar, plus other commercially successful groups like Tears For Fears and Massive Attack.

Then comes the new death/doom metal band Of Bronze and Fire which have just released their second single “Ruach Ha’Kodesh” earlier this month, with great production and poise. The band is consisting of Christian Cunningham, Sonny and Jake Gazzard, and these boys have created something really special especially throughout our trying times.

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