Brotality Spiraling Out… Exclusive Lyric Video Drops

From the scenic and beautiful surroundings of Narrowsburg, NY, in a stirring from the eastern plains, comes a force that is making waves in the metal industry, that listeners and music professionals alike are taking notice of in their young stages of performing.

Brotality is a young three-piece thrash metal band comprised of two brothers Bryce Maopolski (17, guitar and vocals), Reece Maopolski (16, bass and vocals) and drummer Liam Fenton, 14, from Clarks Summit, PA. We covered this young trio earlier in the year with their current signing to Fort Wayne label Rottweiler Records – and in which when I say young, I mean that none of the members are over 17 years old.

When it comes to music, age is NO barrier. Some of the youngest prodigies like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who at the age of 4 made his debut, and Frédéric Chopin at the age of 7, all have changed the world with music and compositions still studied and performed today. Metal is also described as being classical music before electricity was born.

Thrash metal in itself is making a comeback within the scene as these young men establish a physical presence which seems to, with other acts, be lacking slightly, and that is a breath of fresh air. With Brotality’s energetic stage presence and musicianship beyond their years, in some instances an element of Opeth techniques can be described throughout their sound. They have also earned high-profile gigs with iconic venues like The Bitter End in New York City and Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia. The band were also given the opportunity to play at Stage West in Scranton, PA where they won Best Metal Band at the 570 Music Show for 2019.

With their recent signing to Rottweiler, the trio have dropped their brand new debut official lyric video “Spiral Out”, which will be available by D45 format, that is expected to be unleashed on us all on 3 July 2020 through the label’s official Bandcamp site. This release will flick a few ears up to 11 as Brotality make their explosive debut with Rottweiler Records.

“Working with Rottweiler Records has been such a blessing, and the brotherhood of The Pack is amazing. The support from management and other artists is incredible. We are so proud to be a part of The Pack!”

“The song is about people being negative. We all know those people who are always going around boosting themselves up, and complaining about nothing being up to their standards. We call it Spiral Out because these people are always spiraling out into cycles of negativity instead of practicing humility and gratitude. The lyrics show that there’s still hope for everyone and that everyone still has the opportunity to change their ways.”

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