Earth Groans Down Two Members

The hardcore and metalcore band known as Earth Groans has lost both original guitarist and original bassist, Zachariah Mayfield and Kaden Burton, respectively.

Earth Groans has been a band since May of 2015, with the original lineup consisting of vocalist Jeremy Schaeffer (and his magnificent ‘stache), guitarist Zachariah Mayfield, bassist Kaden Burton, and drummer Brady Mueller. The band has been signed to Solid State Records since around 2017, and have released three EPs – Renovate, Rahab, and most recently, Prettiest of Things.

Burton has announced that this chapter of his life is closed and that the last four years have been interesting because of his involvement.

I am no longer in Earth Groans! Thanks for making 4 years of my life more interesting than they probably would have been. Thank you to everyone who let me crash in their living room and raid their fridge. But this chapter is closed and I’m excited for the next.

Mayfield followed the post up a few hours later with one of his own.

I’m not in the band Earth Groans anymore. I spent the better portion of 5 years living in a van with 3 other hippies, played a billion shows, lost a billion dollars, and all the other band things.

With Mayfield and Burton both out of the band, the band currently consists of Schaeffer and Mueller. Check out the band’s most recent music video, “Springs” from their most recent EP, Prettiest of Things.

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