You Shall Be As Gods – Symphony Of Heaven, Single Review

The beginning of 2020 has already brought new announcements, signings, new releases and such. So at almost a week in, the new decade has seen some excitement brew, that quite frankly is awesome in my eyes.

Newly signed Rottweiler Records band Symphony Of Heaven, formerly a solo project on the now retired Nosral Productions label, has picked up two essential members, and they have just released their brand new single “You Shall Be As Gods”.

Featuring some thrash metal-oriented elements with a punk adaptation at the beginning of the track, the song in itself is a mixture of symphonic black metal tones, with melodic underlays that create the exact atmosphere that the band seeks to achieve. With Asaph and his growth in his drumming capabilities, he really supports the fast-paced shrill guitar works of Pathos and also the same with Pathos and his guttural shouts to the rhythmic bass tones of Timoratus. The production of this track has reached, in my own opinion, a much more professional and a much rounder sound that isn’t expected from black metal projects on Bearded Dragon Productions, but however still maintains that edge that the group is trying to muster.


Pathos – Guitar and songwriting

Timoratus – Bass guitar

Asaph – Drums

Live members:

Eero Tertsunen – Guitar

Overall the single in itself has many great qualities for the much more professional outfit that the band has become. I look forward to the next 12 months for this band to grow outside its current standings.

Christian Sullivan 9/10 – The Metal Onslaught Magazine

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