Deny The Fallen Sign Away

Deny The Fallen have been one of those bands that has gained steady and ever growing popularity over the last two years or so. Their incline has been helped by the label Dunamis Records, and also the two masterminds behind the project, former Sacred Warrior guitarist Jonathan Johnson and vocalist Rey Parra.

Since their debut release September 2018 Symptoms Of Eternity featuring their in-depth track on the hot topic of abortion “Murder Machine” via digital download on Dunamis Records, the band have found their way now to signing with major label Retroactive Records.

Since the signing, Symptoms Of Eternity has found a lot of radio play across the States and also across the pond in the UK on secular and Christian metal shows. The band has also released their debut recently on CD format and an extensive range of merchandise through Christian Band Shirts.

We are excited to see what 2020 brings with this group of men who are ready to take on anything that will stand in their way.

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