Necrotic Sacrament: Cryptic Rising Prepares New Release

Cryptic Rising is best known for their raw black metal and noise releases. They have been releasing mostly those two genres since their formation in 2012. However, in more recent years, the band has released a few death metal singles. The band has mainly consisted solely of Matt Plunkett, better known for his work in the slamming deathcore band, Abated Mass of Flesh. But recently Zack Plunkett (Cadaverous Contingency, Abated Mass of Flesh, ex-Christageddon), his brother, has taken a more prominent role in the band as guitarist and drum programmer for the death metal material.

With Zack‘s full induction into their death metal material, the two brothers began working on a new album, titled, Necrotic Sacrament, which will be the band’s fourth full-length album. The band has set the album for pre-orders, with the song “A Meager Eulogy“, available to listen to now.

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