Nocturnal Servant Goes Dark

Nocturnal Servant, a new up-and-coming black metal mastermind, has officially put all of his projects on hiatus. Nocturnal Servant‘s announced project list consists of grindcore act Brainkrusher, war metal project Goatscorge, depressive suicidal black metal act Mindgames, two-man black metal project Proven Existence, “Pentecostal” black metal project Shekinah, and blackened noise project What Brings Ruin.

Nocturnal Servant began recording material in 2018, inspired by the passing of his uncle, who taught him the basics of playing guitar. He swiftly began forming projects, starting with Proven Existence. What Brings Ruin, Shekinah, and Brainkrusher followed shortly thereafter, with Goatscorge and Mindgames coming into the picture later on. He has recorded several albums worth of material. However, he decided to put his projects on a brief hiatus for a focus on his spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs that is long overdue. In the meantime, the bands are all still signed with The Bearded Dragon Productions, with material from several of his bands coming out in a few months.

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