Throne of Awful Splendor Closes the Book

The blackened death metal band known as Throne of Awful Splendor has decided to go under an indefinite hiatus. While the band made it clear that if they were ever able to record more material, they would pursue that route, but they have currently assured fans that they would be putting the band on an indefinite hiatus.

The band began in 2013, out of Portland, Oregon and were signed with SkyBurnsBlack Records. Through the label, home to Wickeds End and Cryptic Rising, they released two EPs: The Supernal Hunger and All Lights Relinquished. The band was planning on releasing a compilation of their works and some potential new material, with a new label, which saw them pull their releases from their Bandcamp. However, due to creative differences, the compilation was never released.

With that new information, the Throne of Awful Splendor EPs are available on Bandcamp once more. And while the band may not be putting out any new material in the foreseeable future, or potentially never, the band’s drummer Jason Borton will be very busy with his involvement with Hand of Fire, Demon Dead, and several other projects. However, in the meantime, enjoy their previous works. For the Throne!

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