A Second Winter Begins

Mystic Winter, the black metal project based out of Central Indiana, has officially began work on their newest release: their debut album. The album will feature 12 songs, and more of a black and death metal styled approach, with tinges of symphonic metal, neoclassical metal, thrash metal, and doom metal, as well as whatever else the band chooses to incorporate.

The band originated in 2018 in March, with the release of their debut single, “Withered“, which was the second official release on The Bearded Dragon Productions, behind Children of Wrath‘s Star Wars-themed song. An entire year later, the band released their debut EP, Tergiversating Blasphemies, through the label, which received mixed reviews, but helped establish their genre; atmospheric black metal and post-noise. But clearly, with their newest announcement, Mystic Winter wishes to progress into a style where they can do much more.

The band will also be featured on a three-band split between themselves, Proven Existence, and Exalted Saviour, released through The Bearded Dragon Productions and Blackened Label Records and distributed by Lament Records.



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