One Stepping Down And One Stepping Up

Convictions are one of those hardworking bands that I constantly see touring, making records and keeping to the traditions of a full-time band. I had the pleasure of meeting the band in late January 2017, during their first ever U.K. tour as a support with spoken-word act Hotel Books in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The metalcore band’s long standing bass player and co-vocalist John Fleischmann has stood down from the band, as they have announced on their official Facebook page that John has focused on his health and also on his passion with photography.

It’s time for the next chapter.

First off. As some of you may already know, John has stepped down from Convictions. The road had become too taxing on his health, and he has decided to focus on photography. He is our brother for life, and we wish him all the success in the world.

That being said, we want to welcome our new bass player / singer, Danyal Suchta. We’ve spent the past year working with him on tours and studio sessions. After everything we’ve been through with him, we really believe he was born for Convictions. Come meet him on our upcoming tour with Oh, Sleeper!


Produced by Andrew Wade (The Ghost Inside, Wage War, ADTR).
We have completed our contract with Invogue Records and will be self releasing this single.

Over the past few months the talents of Danyal Suchta has taken over the reins from John Fleischmann and to the band’s perspective in their own words:

“After everything we’ve been through with him, we really believe he was born for Convictions.”

They are still in the middle of their North American tour with Facedown Records band Oh, Sleeper, and the boys have revealed that a new single will also be out on the 19th of July through their long-time label InVogue Records. The band are continuing the onslaught supporting their 3rd full-length 2018 release Hope For The Broken which is available now on all physical and digital platforms.

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