Relent — Heart Attack (Review by Paul Portell)

As Relent’s bassist, Bruce Gonzalez Jr, said several months ago, they are known as “that band from San Antonio, TX.” If that translates to being the closest to sounding like a Christian version of Sevendust, with a little bit of old school P.O.D. thrown in for extra flavour, then it would completely make sense, and rightfully so.

Relent is a combination of those bands, and then some. They made quite a splash in the summer of 2018 putting on killer performances at both the inaugural KOUJ Block Party in Norman, OK, and the first Chains Unchained Festival in Aurora, MO; and that was with only having released two singles.

With more than a year of promoting and performing, Relent has finally unleashed their debut album Heart Attack to the masses. Lyrically, this 7 song album is a conceptual testimony of sorts as each song either focuses on a new Christian’s past addictions and struggles, or the transformation they experienced when finally giving his life over to the One True King.

Not surprisingly, every member in the band can attest to each song presented throughout. The heavy alternative driven opener “Six Feet Under Me” is about the spiritual death of the old self, and resurrecting a new life abundant in Christ. The following rap/rocker “Changed” is more of a reflection of the old self, but in the same instance putting those ways to death. Both the band’s debut single “Rise” and “Addicted” simultaneously centre around rising up and overcoming the presence of evil, finding a new desire in their spiritual walk, and standing up to adversity in the face of lies and deceit. The other 3 tracks “Without You,” “Send a Miracle,” and “Surrendered” are pretty much self explanatory.

Unfortunately, the album only clocks in at just over 30 minutes, but there’s no doubt fans will want more before too long. With two years under their belts, Relent’s stage presence and debut Heart Attack will blow you away if you’re a fan of nü-metal and heavy alternative guitar riffs. Word of caution: you might want to wear a neck brace when listening to the album so that you don’t suffer severe neck trauma from over excessive headbanging. If you have plans to attend Audiofeed or Chains Unchained next month, don’t pass on Relent for any reason or exception. They’re destined to put Texas heavy metal back on the map in multiple ways.

Paul Portell — 9/10
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