Shadow Puncher – To Victory We March

The one-man Bergen Norway metal project known as Shadow Puncher returns with the album, To Victory We March. And it is victorious indeed! With a March 14th of 2019 release date, To Victory We March may possibly be one of the most underrated releases of 2019. Good production, riffs that have a nailed-down groove and strong spiritual lyrics are some of this project’s highlights.

With vocals that stay low in the guttural range, this headbanger is one of the most eclectic Death Metal albums I have heard in quite some time. For an idea of what I’m talking about, check out the song, Invisible God. It begins with sounds you might hear in the backwoods of Kentucky before musically grabbing the listener and pulling them into the sounds more synonymous with the Florida Death Metal scene.

The song Visions is another track that really stood out to me. It’s got a bit of a Black Metal feel to it while still continuing the blistering pace and style of the rest of the album. Parts of it even venture into the realm of Electronica. The Most Wonderful Name is by far my favourite track on the album. Every
part of this song is just brilliant! The changes and the atmosphere are amazing!

As most readers of The Metal Onslaught probably know by now, I generally stick to Black Metal and Classic Metal reviews, but this Shadow Puncher album is bound to make a Death Metal fan out of me yet! I can see this one being on heavy rotation! This CD is very uplifting and a “must have” for any fan of metal. With 15 tracks of sonic brutality, you cannot go wrong! I also recommend checking out Max’s project called Tunge Byrder.

6/10 JR Rife for The Metal Onslaught

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