Everyone Bow As New Material Emerges

A number of bands have sort of fallen out of the public’s eye over time, with either short- or long-term hiatuses, minimal activity on social media or just that life took over and all are needing time to regroup.

Former Rottweiler Records metal band Every Knee Shall Bow have been off the radar for a while except for releasing the single “Birth” in June last year, and the odd show and odd presence on social media. Now, this band of brothers from Blevins, Arkansas, have revealed that they have recorded brand new material for a new album which will follow-up their successful debut Slayers Of Eden, released back in 2013 through Rottweiler Records.

A release date and whether it will be independent or via a label is still yet to be confirmed, but I’m sure the band will have something to say closer to the time. This technical metalcore outfit is back with a cause.



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