Revamped Metal Show About To Soar

The Covenant Metal Show has been floating in limbo for quite some time over the last few months when founder Dave Kruse decided to pass the mantle on to John Cassandro (DJ Rev) to take over the reins of the show in early November 2018.

Over a period of a few months, DJ Rev due to time commitments and other projects stepped down from the show in January 2019, which has opened the door for Dave Kruse to take up the helm once again.

Dave Kruse since November 2018 has joined the management team for The Metal Onslaught Magazine and with his comeback to the show both media outlets have joined forces to revamp a scene favourite within the Christian rock, punk and metal culture. As Dave is currently working on his first couple of weekly episodes, The Covenant Metal Show with Kruse Kontrol can be found weekly on:

The link to The Metal Onslaught TV Channel is found here:

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