New Vision For Soul Factor

Brazil has always been rampant with a metal scene ever since the days of old. More and more bands are surfacing onto the main world stage which is becoming a popular trend throughout these days of technology, and with a saturation of music which sweeps us up like a tsunami.

Since forming in 1998, Soul Factor have left a trail of devastating blasting thrash/death metalwhich over the years has taken the Brazilian underground scene by storm. Over the last several years they had been signed to Belgian label Conspiracy Records with a discography of a demo and 3 full-length albums which include a live album, simply titled Live (2002), Timeline (2003) and Resurgence Of Chaos (2012).

Soul Factor have revealed that they have now departed from Conspiracy Records and have signed with semi-major American extreme metal label Vision Of God Records. The label and band plan a re-issue of their 2003 full-length Timeline with an added bonus track. Soul Factor will also be dropping a brand new album through the label entitled The Sealbut no date has been given for the release of this newest offering.

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