Brand New Project, Brand New Single

When you put two like-minded talented guitarists together on one project, you know that great songwriting and something new is about to take place. Jonathan Johnson (Deny The Fallen, Sacred Warrior, Zeal) and Tiago James DeSouza (Hand Of Fire, Perpetual Paranoia, Through The Clouds) are dynamite with what both these individuals will deliver when it comes to the likes of their brand new project Godman.

Both working on their newest material to date, the band have released a brand new single in support of their debut album. With a unique blend of metal stemming from the last 30 years, the Godman project  mixes many of today’s current nĂ¼-metal and extreme metal delights with a much more experimental aggressive edge that makes this project so much more unique in this day and age, especially with the calibre of Jonathan Johnson and Tiago James DeSouza.

Their brand new album Hypostatic Union is scheduled for release in late April or early May 2019 through Dunamis Records. Their single “Last Man Standing” is now available through all digital portals.

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