New Project Unfolds

There seems to be very much activity happening for certain musicians over these last 12 months, namely Jimmy Brown (Deliverance, Eraserhead, and solo projects), and Dale Thompson with his projects As The World Burns, N.O.G., Bride and Perpetual Paranoia.

Two other men still fit also into this category with the likes of Jonathan Johnson (Sacred Warrior, Deny The Fallen, Altarfyre) and Tiago James De Souza (Hand Of Fire, Perpetual Paranoia and Through The Clouds Project).

Godman is the brand new project from the two guitar legends, which has been touted as the heaviest music that Jonathan has done in previous outings, and it seems that Tiago seems to be getting heavier as each project descends.

Check out their new teaser from the new album from Godman!

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