LifeLong – Revive the masses

Coming out of San Diego, California, former members of metalcore band Confide formed Lifelong and have released their brand new five-track EP Revive The Masses in the beginning of May 2018.

The Lifelong EP kicks off with the song “Yours Alone” as Ross Kenyon belts out his old school hardcore vocal technique as the track is hard hitting and melodic throughout with Joel Piper (drums) and Trevor Vickers (guitar). So far it gives me the sense of Strongarm back in the ’90s but, still keeping with current trends of the melodic clean vocals that adds that extra spark.

Title track “Revive The Masses” continues the post-hardcore underlay with their song writing skills showing great promise for the continuing buildup of the EP. With the cleanliness of the vocals,  “Revive The Masses” shows their hearts for God and is making them a ministry band, which in this genre is just beautiful.

“Found A Way” is unashamed in so many ways, through their outspoken faith and heavily influenced melodic delights. Not so much aggression is found here but, it really cements the sound they are trying to accomplish.

“Morning” starts with spoken word, still again unashamed for their voice towards God and the Holy Spirit. More groove-driven here, as Ross’s screams are precise and levelled. Musically, so far this EP is tight and epic.

Finally, “Today” finalises the release with a great mix of the previous tracks. Some groove, melodically driven with great screams, clean vocals and spoken word. Both elements of today’s and yesterdays hardcore and also their stance for Christ is undoubtedly made known and in your face.

9/10 Christian Sullivan

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