Katharos – “Stay My Captain” & “Warrior” Single


Through the building stages of any independent record label comes one, that in only a year has created such a stir among metalheads and the metal community alike: Nosral Recordings have been hard at work these last 12 months. They have released some already-known bands through the course of the extreme/black metal art form with Ascending King and Symphony Of Heaven – in which Symphony Of Heaven’s release The Season Of Death has also been voted as one of the best releases of 2017. In my eyes that’s a great achievement for any upcoming label in this flooded gluttony of bands.

This brings me to the introduction of black metal band Katharos. Even though the band itself is relatively new, the members of the band aren’t. Conceived by none other than Fire, the man responsible for such bands as Elgibbor, Fire Throne, Ithiel, and Nuclear Blaze. He also has acquired the services of Taberah on drum duties, while Fire himself resumed his duties on guitars and vocals. The band have currently written and recorded two singles: “Stay My Captain” & “Warrior”.

The first single “Stay My Captain” maintains the same qualities from black metal bands that began in the mainstream circles back in the early ’90s with very dark and shrill undertones which remind me of very early Antestor. Fire’s vocals are keeping to the times, of ambient natures take hold, when thrown into intense hellfire rage with rapid blasts and insanely fast, high-pitched darkened guitars. The track keeps the balance required to hold it all together. I find it difficult to review such a traditional side to black metal, but I hope I’m keeping it all together.

“Warrior” steps up to what you would expect, fast-paced to-the-throat aggression in an onslaught that keeps it brutal. But, melodic and a bit of atmospheric offerings are also given freely through the song to keep the structure intact to give the listener some variable aspects that Katharos have succeeded in, with slight doomy reflexes that define the nature given forthwith.

Overall, Katharos are keeping to the traditional sounds and blasts from the black metal genre of old. For all you guys who enjoy it, I know you will.

Christian Sullivan



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