Taking The Head Of Goliath – Beyond Brutal Live

The term DEATH METAL, what is it? Since the mid to late ’80s death metal was to become a growing genre which started from the secular band quite ironically named Death. Now over time the genre has grown in popularity with bands that have achieved fame included the aforementioned Death, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Mortification.

Mortification were the first Christian death metal band to break into the secular market. Wondering why I laid the groundwork with the band Mortification?? Well I am ready to introduce Taking The Head Of Goliath, newly signed to Rottweiler Records, from the Twin Cities of Minnesota, U.S.A.

Their recently released digital EP Beyond Brutal Live was recorded in December 2016 at their debut show supporting the now disbanded For Today. I remember back in May 2016 when they were a four-piece with Jake Martin on vocals, Rob Blake and Nathan Sherman on guitars and Matt Vangsgard on drum duty. Then in late 2016 they acquired Luke Renno of Crimson Thorn fame on bass guitar, which made the band complete.

The quality of the recording is not top notch, but it gives you some idea on what the band Taking The Head Of Goliath are and will be. Their sound conforms to the era of the early to mid ’90s where death metal was nothing more than just BRUTAL. Taking The Head Of Goliath bring back the days that we all fondly remember in the ’90s with other bands like Revulsed and Blood Thirsty.

The first song of the EP “The Expulsion Of Putrid Illusion” breaks into a tense start, nothing but chaos all the way, Matt Vangsgard slamming the double bass drums at high pace with Jake’s low guttural growls, with the intensity of the guitars, makes you melt at the sound of mind blowing insanity.

Next is “Trenches” which is a classic stop-start track, with a mid-riff that really wants you to get into that mosh pit, quite melodic in parts but, still maintaining the structure, with a little mix of black metal vocal which is used more commonly in the late ’90s and beyond.

“Oblivious Into Oblivion” which also is the first video released by Rottweiler Records, comes with your old-school sound, more into the early days of Mortification and Crimson Thorn with the intensity and brutal nature of what was led and with a slight melodic tone.

“This Present Darkness” takes place next, and much like the first track it remains at the standard expected for a band 25 years ago expressing aggression at a high rate. Still mixed with the current trend of black metal it’s only noticeable forthwith.

“Audacity To Inspire” finishes off the EP with melodic but brutal drums and guitars, noticeable as a finishing track, with cracking riffs that break into rawness and brutality that you could only wish for.

What a great finish to what you want in a death metal band. With a mixture of old-school early ’90s throughout, watch out for the Taking The Head Of Goliath.

Christian Sullivan. 2017



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