Human Code – Going Against the Grain! (Interview)

Musical hero’s come and go but when they tend to cross paths and emplore the ever coveted supergroup, things really begin to get interesting. When you combine the talents of those who have served with such iconic bands as Barren Cross, Deliverance, Holy Soldier, and Worldview, what could the outcome possiby present? The answer is Human Code!

-The Metal Priest

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When the lights went down, and the band finally hit the stage, ironically opening with the song “Stage of Intensity,” all were in awe of the remarkable sound and stage presence they wielded as it seemed as though no time had passed at all. The band sounded as good as they did thirty years ago.

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X-Sinner Rise Again

X-Sinner sort of falls into that category of bands that since 1988, have been the staple of the metal scene across the Christian hard music market. X-Sinner has announced that they are currently working on a brand new album and have also been confirmed for Immortal Festival 2023,

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Walls makes its entrance, which is a groove driven song, that is very well done, both vocally pleasant and wisely used to add to that element of doom and with a Gothic touch, which I find quite tasteful. 

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Introducing – Classic Disaster

Classic Disaster is a metalcore band from Hacienda Heights, California, which was founded in 2020 during the Covid19 ordeal by vocalist and guitarist Adam Castro, and then later joined by Joshua Walker on guitar and Zach Lillemoen on drums and tracking.

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